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Coalmining in Ukraine
The coal-mining industry of Ukraine occupies a leading position in supplying the country with power and securing its national safety and independence. Such a role is confirmed by the tendencies of world power generation. There are two biggest coal basins in Ukraine: Donbass and Lvov-Volyn' Coal Basin. Proven recoverable reserves of hard coal are estimated to be 32 GT, most of which are located in the eastern part of the country in the Donetsk basin. Brown coal reserves are estimated at 2 GT while coalbed methane resources at 1.4 trillion cubical meters, 10% of which are believed to be recoverable. Most of the coal produced is bituminous and anthracite, some of which can be used for coking. In spite of the reserves Ukraine is a net importer. Imports amounted to 17 MT in 2009. Coal currently accounts for 30% of primary energy consumption and for 30% of electricity production. Other major coal using-sectors include the iron and steel industries, district heating plants and the direct use of coal and coal products for residential heating. More than 1 million courageous people holds a post in this industry.

Coal Miners and HAM-Radio
More than a half thousand of coal miners in Ukraine are radioamateurs. Present activities are conducted by radioamateurs from biggest Ukrainian mining regions and partly by HAM-operators-miners.

Special event stations
First activities of special event stations dedicated to celebration of Ukrainian Coal Miners Day took place in 2009. Four stations (EO16IKN, EO16IKF, EO16IT, and EO16IZ) were active from different places in Donetsk region. In 2011 special event stations EO18IKN, EO18IKF, and EO18IQ were also on the air. We hope you enjoyed these activities as much as we did. Now we are looking forward to organize new activities in 2013.

Award Certificate
Are you a diploma hunter? This may arouse your interest. Check page "How to apply?" for futher information.

During activities Coal Miners Day-2009 four special event station made more than three thousands QSO's with 165 DXCC in nine days of the activities.

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